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Welcome to the Dojo

Structured learning plans to

take your chess from 0 to 2400+


Track your progress & push yourself forward

Log your activities, time and effort to track your progress in your chess journey

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Easily track program tasks

An intuitive interface makes tracking your progress in the training program a breeze

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Breakdown your study habits

Get insights and accountability into how you spend your chess time. Make sure you're focusing on what matters most

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View your rating growth
over time

ChessDojo automatically tracks your ELO so you can quickly view your growth over time. Choose from, Lichess, USCF, FIDE and more

Find peers at all levels to challenge & support you

The Dojo operates on a Plus-Equals-Minus system and encourages participation across

rating bands. Get your games reviewed by players 400 points stronger,

and master concepts by teaching them to lower cohorts.

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Easily book meetings with other Dojo members

A custom calendar allows you to quickly search by rating and sparring type. Find meetings posted by other players

or post your own

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Share your games on the
Dojo database

Upload your game analysis to the Dojo database to get feedback from other players

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Join a vibrant
community on Discord

Learn from other players both at your level and above. Go over master games and books in groups. Rise up through the rating ladder together with your cohort

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What our users say


The Dojo has single-handedly been the best thing to happen for my chess. I was stuck in the mid 700’s on and showing little improvement. However, in a short time, I managed to break the 1k club. None of this would have been possible without the Dojo’s program.

1400 ECF

This program is really helping me treat chess with respect. Meaning that I approach each task with more reverence and more focus, which I am sure is leading to better results and a more consistent mindset.

1950 FIDE

After 1 year, I'm very happy about the program. I think it's very well designed with the emphasis on long games and analysis for long-term progress. The positive environment has motivated me to work regularly on my chess this year, and I could feel my progress.

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