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The ChessDojo Training Program offers structured training plans for all levels 0-2500, along with an active and supportive community


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Training plans for
all players 0-2500
Custom-made plans for every rating range (500-600, 900-1000, 1400-1500, etc.)
Hand-picked books and games that will teach you important concepts to reach the next level
Opening guides and repertoires with puzzles, model games and key positions
Middlegame and endgame sparring positions to hone your skills
Abstract Structures _edited_edited_edite
Custom-made Chess training plans to improve your analysis, tactics, strategy, endgame and opening
Opening guides and repertoires featuring puzzles, model games and key positions

ChessDojo Sensei

World-class teachers who have been in your shoes

Grandmaster Jesse Kraai is using the Dojo Training Program with the dream of winning the US Senior Closed

Jesse Kraai


GM Kraai has been playing and teaching chess since before you were born. Playing in seven US championships helped him elevate his game to GM in 2007. He won the Denker tournament of High School Champions in 1989 and 1990 and the Irwin tournament of Senior Champions in 2023. He is currently using the Dojo Training Program with the dream of winning the US Senior Closed in 2024.

International Master Kostya Kavutskiy is using the Dojo Training Program to reach the GM title

Kostya Kavutskiy

International Master

Kostya comes from a Ukrainian chess family and has been playing and teaching the game since he was a pup. Since attaining the IM title in 2016, he has struggled to find the time for his own study while also coaching. He is a FIDE trainer and has coached at the World Youth and Pan-American Youth Championships, earning several gold medals for the US national team. Like many of us he needs a structure and a plan! Kostya is committed to following the Dojo Training Program to the GM title, and we are rooting for him!

International Master David Pruess is using the Dojo Training Program to cross 2500 FIDE

David Pruess

International Master

David is a chess maximalist, never shying away from what he believes is the most principled path forward. With this madman approach, he attained the rank of International Master in 2003 and then in 2006 he won the prestigious Samford Chess Fellowship. He has all three Grandmaster norms and just needs to cross 2500 to reach the title. David helped design the ChessDojo Training Program with the dream that he could cross that difficult 2500 barrier using its guidance and structure.

What our users say


The Dojo has single-handedly been the best thing to happen for my chess. I was stuck in the mid 700’s on and showing little improvement. However, in a short time, I managed to break the 1k club. None of this would have been possible without the Dojo’s program.

1400 ECF

This program is really helping me treat chess with respect. Meaning that I approach each task with more reverence and more focus, which I am sure is leading to better results and a more consistent mindset.

1950 FIDE

After 1 year, I'm very happy about the program. I think it's very well designed with the emphasis on long games and analysis for long-term progress. The positive environment has motivated me to work regularly on my chess this year, and I could feel my progress.

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